Take Care of God’s Company

Take care of the company and the company will take care of you.  The company is a ministry for God, and through the company His people are taken care of.  If we first set out to serve ourselves, the owners–we miss the command to serve others ahead of our self.  Alternatively, if we set out to serve our employees we can miss the clarity that the business equally needs customers to be well served.  Similar challenges exist if customer service becomes the #1 goal.   Our #1 goal as business owners is to take care of the company 1st.  This way all stakeholders–all God’s people–are put 1st–if it is His will.  Stakeholders clearly include owners and employees, but also vendors and customers. All of these stakeholders must be served in a God honoring way, and if done this way–the reach is beyond self and beyond the service of one stakeholder.  When difficult decisions arise, what’s best for the company will allow for the greatest opportunity for success.  If an employee decision or customer service decision is first looked through the lens of what is best for the company, it places us in a second position to the ministry  where God has put in charge.  We can even extend the reach 10x by taking in consideration how taking care of the company reaches to the community, the schools, the local 4H club, sports teams, and on and on.  Therefore, take care of the company and you will not only take care of yourself, you will be in alignment with the greater good only possible with God in the forefront of our work, our ministry.

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